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7 credit hours (worth 7 CEC)  This course extends beyond on restoration courses and focuses on wood. Topics include the properties of wood, wood structure, the role of moisture, properties of engineered woods as subfloors and drying of all wood and wood products. It is designed for professionals involved in restoration and drying and those who may benefit from an increased understanding of wood and wood products. It qualifies for 7 CEC for IICRC.   Read More

7 credit hours  (worth 7 CEC) Learn about:  the characteristics of dirt that relate to cleaning. the science of detergents and pH, and how to manipulate these to your advantage when cleaning.  all wet cleaning methods and particular cleaning strategies along with the advantages and pitfalls of each method.  topical treatments such as stain retarders, odor control and anti-statics We have no affiliation to any manufacturer or distributor and make every effort to simply tell the actual truth about each element.  Question call 209-869-5994 ask for Libby; Complaint call 209-869-5994 ask for Ron. Read More

4 credit hours (4CEC) Will train new employee quickly! The procedures in this course are the result of Critical Path Analyses of carpet cleaning on location for over 45 years. The course is a tool to train new people to the industry and a great review for the old timers. Streamline your cleaning operation and expand your clientele with the marketing techniques provided. you have seven days at your own pace to complete the course but call us if more time is needed.  Read More

    This 7 credit hours (worth 7 CEC)course provides an overview of Deodorization as a service for cleaners and restorers. Also a complete reference manual to download and follow along with program and have for future reference.  Read More

This is the pre-study course for the three day Color Correction Class. This is not a CEC credit course. This course is intended for registered students for the class and no fee is charged.   Read More

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