Our intention is to make learning fun and useful. If you aren't having fun and learning something, let us know. If you have any difficulties with the course, you can click for help on each page, but don't waste time worrying about problems. Just call us at 209-869-5994 or email larksalot@sbcglobal.net. Please-- it is lonely in here. Ron and Libby

The classes listed below (except the free one) are intended to expand upon material learned in IICRC and NWFA courses. Completion of each class earns the student 1 or 2 CEC credits for IICRC certifications in all categories.

Completion of the wood-related classes earns CECs for IICRC OR NWFA.

These classes are for continuing education. It is not possible to use these classes to earn full IICRC certification. To make sure that you get the credit you deserved, download the completion certificate at the end of each the course and send it with your renewal.

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