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14 CEC credits, Various characteristics visible on the face of a wood floor have their roots in events that occur during growth, drying and manufacturing. This course seeks to develop skills in understanding and identifying these characteristics.  It is designed for inspectors and flooring experts but is useful for those in other professions. Earns 2 NWFA or IICRC 14 CECs. Read More

7 credits, Carpet Construction examines carpet constructions including a variety of woven constructions, tufted and non-woven, non-tufted constructions in more depth than is required in basic carpet cleaning courses. In addition to basic carpet construction, carpet yarns and fibers and their impact on cleaning are discussed in detail. Email suggestions for more content to libby10@sbcglobal.net. Completing this course earns 7 CEC credits. Cost is $89. Read More

7 CEC credits  This is the most fun of all the courses. Every spotting method we could think of is here, along with some unique combinations of spotting methods you probably already know about. All spotting solutions are covered along with safety concerns for you, the carpet and your consumer. Movies demonstrate each spotting technique.  When you are done, if there is something you wished were here, let me know. I will try to get it here for next time.  If you any questions, you are always welcome to call us with special problems. 209-869-5994 PST.  Read More

14 CEC credits, This is a big course. The first unit, Sanding, covers all wood floor prep techniques and issues as well as staining. The issues are discussed in reference to each step in floor preparation as well as what they might look like in the finished floor. The same applies to staining.  It seemed natural to break between sanding/staining and make a separate module for finishing as staining follows sanding immediately, while finishing isn't done for several days to a week after staining is done.  There is no way to memorize all the information. Get a general feel. You are strongly encouraged to download all the documents associated with this course. Keep them on your computer as a reference library that you can refer to when you encounter questions in the field. If you have questions, you can also call me, 209-869-5994 PST, nights and weekends OK, or email me at Libby10@sbcglobal.net.  Quizzes are not tricky. They must be passed BUT you can take them over as many times as you need to and no one will know. In addition, if you make a mistake on a quiz and I thought that additional information might help avoid that mistake in the future, I will let you know that after you submit your quiz. The second time should be easier.  As always, if you have questions, comments or complaints, I want to hear. I can and do make changes. You are more in charge than you think.  Read More

7 credit,  This course extends beyond on restoration courses and focuses on wood. Topics include the properties of wood, wood structure, the role of moisture, properties of engineered woods as subfloors and drying of all wood and wood products. It is designed for professionals involved in restoration and drying and those who may benefit from an increased understanding of wood and wood products. It qualifies for 7 CEC for IICRC.   Read More

7 CEC credits  Learn about:  the characteristics of dirt that relate to cleaning. the science of detergents and pH, and how to manipulate these to your advantage when cleaning.  all wet cleaning methods and particular cleaning strategies along with the advantages and pitfalls of each method.  topical treatments such as stain retarders, odor control and anti-statics We have no affiliation to any manufacturer or distributor and make every effort to simply tell the actual truth about each element.  Question call 209-869-5994 ask for Libby; Complaint call 209-869-5994 ask for Ron. Read More

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